Kheman (Aug 2017)

Johariseta Michel Rabemanantsoa, stage name Kheman, was born February 4th 1989 upon the beautiful island of Madagascar. With influences from the melodic sounds of his birthplace, he began his musical journey as a child. From his start with Saint Marie Reparatrice Church at the age of eight, his musical aspirations grew a great deal. His Rastafarian background is to thank for his heart-warming lyrics and ingenuity. His go to quote being that of Marcus Garvey, “upon ourselves depend our future, our destiny…”

Through the consistency of his music he has the potential to take the music scene by storm. The beautiful artistic mind of Mr. Razah behind the musical production, gives Kheman a sound that only the two of them together can produce. Speaking fluently in French and Malagasy, he has had the opportunity to bless many different stages, performing in cities such as Fianarantsoa, Majunga, and Antananarivo. His understanding of reggae’s universal message allows him to reach a larger audience through his French, as well as his native tongue. Representing Hidden Yardz Records and Ital Tunes Sound System, Kheman is true to sticking to his roots. When you combine his knowledge of the music business with his natural music talent, Kheman is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Dem A Fallby Kheman
Marijuana Song (English version)by Kheman

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