Dancehall has been a genre of its own. Many artists from other genres have sampled or added to dancehall because of its uniqueness. Dancehall usually brings people together on the dance floor. Once a dancehall song comes on people start moving, whether they are whinning, jumping, flipping anything that makes the body move.

Lately dancehall has taken a different turn. Men are singing songs to degrade our females, while the females are bashing each other or singing about their private parts. Let me not take away from the few that do have some uplifting songs like Popcaan “family”.

The latest topic of the dancehall trend has been Spice and D’Angel. Even though I am a big Spice fan, sometimes we as people must learn when to let things go and how to be the bigger person. A person from the outside sees this continuous controversy within the dancehall community, why must one invest and help to build something that is tearing each other down. The two females are both mothers and role models. What kind of example are we setting for our young ladies. We continue to teach negativity and wonder why our youths are so lost. Their song “No Worries” was an uplifting track that should have brought the ladies together but instead tore them further apart. People love the song because two dancehall females were working together and sending a positive message.

Ok, so everyone is entitled to their opinion and should not have to sugar coat how they feel. Spice did say she would not work with any other females, unless it was Pamputae. Then she proceeded to mention D’Angels name as someone she would not work with again because of how things went once the track was released. The conversation could have ended once she said she did not want to work with any other females. Other females have voiced that opinion, and that is all fine and dandy. People in general do not get along with every single person they encounter.

Dancehall needs a rebuilding. I see many comments where patrons comment about the negativity in dancehall and support it the same. Like any other genre or any other song, music grows on you. Sometimes it’s not want you want to hear but because it is played so much, you find yourself singing along. Maybe if we played more positive, and uplifting songs it too will grow on people.

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